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You Came As A Blessing (completed)☑ - Srijeeta Bhowmick


Life showed me so many things.....

It made me strong to fight in any kind of difficult situation...
It gave me pain...anxiety...tension...tears and what not.....

As we always say life is not all about sadness ...if it gives us sadness, it gives us happiness as well.

The same thing happened to me too.

It gave me a reason to opportunity which I will cherish for my life.

But suddenly it took an unexpected twist which I never imagined in my dream as well.

Amidst of all these things something happened which I will treasure for my life..An incident which changed my life....

A blessing that came in my life which turned my life upside down.

I am Jhilam and this is about my journey of life and about my blessing as well.


Hey my lovely readers..

Here I came with my short story "You came as a blessing "

Show your love for my story as you do.

I hope you guys will enjoy the journey of Jhilam and support her as well ❤

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