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Within The Pages | Various! Hetalia X Reader | Mythical One-shots [slow Updates] - Krystal

(Y/N), a young mistress neglected by her parents finds comfort within the library residing in the seemingly empty manor she lives in. Feeling at home and sheltered in a room surrounded by multiple adventures hidden within the pages bound by a strip of leather, the girl finds herself in the library no matter how much she tries to stop herself, her heart feeling almost complete when her alluring (E/C) orbs scan the ink soaked pages- yet not quite. It was as if... something was missing.

The magic within the library soon begins to expand to its full extent, taking the mistress to lands unknown as she delves deeper into the room.

One day, she finds herself swept into another world after slipping into a deep slumber, waking upon grassy hills and stone mountains, velvet sheets and jade palaces, wooden boards and embroidered silk. These dreams are not ones she forgets, until she realises... they aren't even dreams at all.

Join (Y/N) on her journey as her heart becomes complete, the library fulfilling its magic to its true potential, as she becomes truely, and utterly immersed within the pages.

This story will contain a storyline from the prologue within each oneshot, however, this is not a complete chapter story. Oneshots will vary, as will the characters. Feel free to request certain myths and mythology, as I, myself, have a fascination with it.

I hope you enjoy!

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