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We All Go A Little Crazy Sometimes - Izaya_shizu-chan

Naruto has always had a horrible life. Beaten in allies, lied to by the only ones that cared. He was even told to hide his true self from the world, so he did. But what happens when he uncovers the lies that had been told? What happens when Naruto begins to shatter into unrecognizable pieces of the boy he used to be?

In this world where singing is often used to show the truth, what happens when Naruto sings to someone for the first time?

This could be considered a song fic, but instead of the story being based on the songs, the songs are sang by characters in the story. Similarly to in my BNHA story, but for the Naruto fandom with many twists.

I do not own Naruto or any of the songs used in this story. I give credit to where credit is due. I also do not own any of the pictures used.

I had some help with the title from @PuppyBae123 so thank you for the help. This will be a NaruSasu so, don't like, don't read. Please enjoy.

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