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Vitiligo Poem - Foureo

This is for the one ones wear cloaks of shame,

Who wear battle wounds every day,

The ones who were taught to hate the flesh they live in,

mAnd fight the greatest battles-

those fought within


You can't cure me

Of my pain

Because this disease

Lies beneath.

It's more than what's on the surface.

My skin is partial dichotomy

Swirling brown and white.

keeping me up at night.

The doctors tell me it's only cosmetic.

How unsympathetic.

Should I be black,

Should I be white,

Can I be both?

This isn't about race.

This isn't about choosing a side.

It's trying to identify

the person i am outside

while i destroy everything i am on the inside.

who am i?

does anyone know

how a disease like vitiligo

can leave you so hollow?

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