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Villain Transmigration: Transcendence To Immortality [1] - Satoshi Minato

[World One : Ancient]

[Qi, Spirit, Cultivation, Immortality. The four continents of the Immortal realm will soon be turned upside down by one heinous villain. Striving for a peaceful retirement, he unknowingly awoken a great beast. So long to peace. Chaotic life as an evil housewife begins!]

'What are you narrating inside my head, you stupid system?!'

"Wife, quickly come back to bed. I'm feeling cold."

[Extra (but still part of this world)]

'Waiting online for an advice. Recently, a big demon has taken interest in me. What should I do?'

System [The way things are proceeding now, I suggest you give up all resistances and be devoured obediently.]

Deceit (Haha! The chrysanthemum is about to be plucked soon!)

Judgement *I'll offer incense for your safety.*

'QAQ This is harassment!'


- this is the first book for the Villain Transmigration Series.
- the cover photo is not mine and all credits go to the original artist.
- cunning/evil shou × domineering/overbearing gong
- if you read anything that defies logic, stay calm. It's supposed to do that.

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