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Vibranium Strong || Captain America - Cam

Alice Mathews has been working for SHEILD for three years. She works along side the most incredible heroes that Earth has ever seen who are known as 'The Avengers'.

If there is one thing in this world that Alice loves more than anything, it's Captain Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. After she and Steve first met, their relationship took off like a wildfire and proved itself to be stronger than vibranium when times were difficult.

When things happen to take a turn for the ultimate worst, Alice and Steve begin to question their love for each other. Risky missions, terrifying enemies, dark memories from Steve and Alice's past, and several close encounters with death threaten to tear the two apart.

He can't protect everyone, but he will always protect her. Their love is vibranium strong.

- - -

I own my original characters Cole and Alice Mathews.
[#13 in Captain America] 7/7/16
[#24 in The Winter Soldier] 8/5/19
[#5 in The Avengers] 3/4/21

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