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Vampires Bite - Jane Anne

"You were with him again?" he sneered grabbing me by my waist.
"I was only trying to..." His eyes became dark and filled with lust as he grabbed my hair gently tilting my neck back. My heart was beating fast. Was he going to kill me now? He traced a finger lightly down the side of my neck sending goosebumps down my body just as his teeth sunk into me.

Cassie has finally landed the job of her dreams in a prestigious law firm when he walks in. Things begin to really look up when she lands the biggest contract the firm has ever had..Auxillio.

Auxillio is run by the town's most eligible bachelor and town playboy Antonio Morros. Except Cassie is the only one who knows his secret, which could prove dangerous.

Can Cassie keep from succumbing to Antonio's charm or will she find herself another notch on his centuries-old belt?

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