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Twice Upon Them - That One Awkward Girl.

{Once Upon A Muslim Sequel}

Four months after she stayed with the Mahmouds, Kayla returns home free from any drama...Or that's what she thinks.

The three big "F"s---friends, foes, and family---is what makes her life spiral out of control---yet once again. However, this time, she has to endure more painfully excruciating dilemmas, dreams, and flashbacks. She still can't get over her crush, which she constantly tries to deny. She refuses to reunite with her ex-best friend, who she really misses. She definitely doesn't want to return to the Mahmouds, after all that's happened while she was there.

Her biggest opponent, life, decides to take things into its own hands by whisking these things into reality (with a sprinkle of drama, of course!).
Join Kayla as she embarks on Round 2 of this journey, "Twice Upon Them."

Cover: laughingwiththemoon_

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