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Tu Meri Jaan Hai ❤️ (completed) - Madhu ❤️

He is ruthless, arrogant and dangerous Gangster, called as "Guru" in Mumbai!

She is innocent and kind-hearted girl, living in London with her sister!

She came accross his line and did something which he warned her not to do. So He is furious and wanted to make her suffer for her mistake!!!

While She is helpless! She couldn't defend herself when he threatened her using her loved one, her sister!

She's been dragged into his dangerous life!

He has a painful past so does she!

They both are opposite to eachother! But we all know that opposite attracts to eachother!

So How they are going to meet?

What would he do to make her suffer?

Will love blossom between them?

Are they made for eachother?

Read and get to know about their rollercoaster life which will have lots of twist and turns filled with happiness, love, romance, action, sadness, heartbreak and family bonding!

P.S. ~ This is one of my first books on Wattpad. It might have sentence mistakes and grammatical errors. Hopefully, I will edit this in future. So pardon in advance!

But I am sure you will love it!

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