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Top (completed) Fantasy Stories - Kaitlin

Anything from supernatural, paranormal, and werewolf. Stories on this list only include those of which are COMPLETED. If you want more, check out my reading list for stories which are still in development.
I am a very picky reader, and will only recommend what I consider the best. I have read plenty of stories on Wattpad, and these are probably only 20% of those. These stories are captivating, and are written by people who have a high potential to do great things with their work.
Each chapter is dedicated to the author, so click on their name at the top to go straight to their page and to check them out. I have also provided a rating that I would give the story, based on my personal taste. Some of these stories are for mature readers only, so I will also provide a disclaimer at the beginning for those ones.
I am always looking for more stories to read, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment with a recommendation, or to promote yourself, and I will take a look. If you do promote yourself though, this means you are willing to take criticism. So only serious writers who want to improve, please.

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