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To Be A Princess (the Princesses Of Pranks Series: Book 1) - Kaiyana Andersen

Crown Prince Xavier of Aucelon is in search of a bride to be the next Queen. After invoking the tradition of the Choosing Rite, the king and queen are requiring their son to choose a bride within the coming year. Ten daughters of the nobility are invited to the Vergläis Palace to participate in the Choosing Rite. His parents want him to choose the lady with the most influence, but his younger sister has other plans.

Princess Isabella does not like the idea of the Choosing Rite. There is only one girl who she deems worthy to be Queen and that is her personal maid and best friend Skylar Black. With a dash of manipulation and a hint of blackmail, she manages to secure Skylar a spot in the Choosing Rite. But with all of Isabella's hard work, will Skylar manage to catch Xavier's attention. Most of all, does she have what it takes to be a princess?

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