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This Thing Called Life (book 4) - Mariaah


"Kyron stop touching me!" Morgan screamed because I kept messing with her trying to wake her up.

"Morgan stop all that fucking screaming in my house! It's too mother fucking early!" My mom yelled from her room.

I laughed before pushing Morgan's Head one last time before walking out of her room.

I went back in my room closing the door behind me. I sat on the edge of my bed running my hands over my waves as I scrolled on my phone.

I shook my head once I seen Braelyn calling me. "Hello" I answered.

"Hey Ky, What's up" Her voice came through the phone.

"What you want Braelyn" I asked already knowing she was calling to ask for something.

"I'm kind of in some money trouble again"

"And? What the fuck you calling me for?" I asked.

"Ky please" She whined.

"Get your shit together Brae, real shit" I said calmly before hanging up.

A few months ago I found out Braelyn was back on drugs. It's starting to affect her, she's loosing weight and she done turned into a real l...

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