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The Witching Hour | ✎ - Cleo ツ

A senior witchling is forced to team up with her nemesis, an angel in training, in order to protect their academy and its students from old foes stirring in the shadows.


Stoneport Academy is a haven for divine beings and creatures of the dark alike, not that they necessarily enjoy sharing it. It has been declared neutral ground since the passing of the Faerie Accords, and that is the only thing keeping Callie Karr from plowing her fist into Nathaniel Gaumont's perfectly irritable face.

Despite the Accords, a series of students go missing under suspicious circumstances at the beginning of their final year, all supernaturals. Tensions rise as whispers of an old enemy wreathed in shadow and death rock the community.

Callie will go to any lengths to protect her coven; Nathaniel will do whatever it takes to protect his academy.

Together, they'll have to bridge their differences and put a stop to this new foe, no matter the cost.
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