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The Way It Goes - Laubill6

Seventeen year old Lou is used to being the popular girl until her dads accident. It put him into a coma and she completely shut herself down causing her to go from the girl everyone one knew, to the one nobody does. That is until Will moves to town with a few secrets of his own.

He goes from the guy who won't open up to anyone to one of the only people Lou trusts. From dealing with mean girls, parties gone wrong, love, and loss, are these two willing to put their hearts back on the line for each other?

Excerpt From Chapter 7

"Will, is that you?" I whisper slightly scared.

"You wish it was him." I recognize the voice, Zach.

"What do you want?" I ask him backing away slowly.

"Where are you going baby? I just want to show you a good time." He answers pushing me against the wall inches from my face.

"Get away from me!" I say, and my lower lip trembles.

"Is someone scared? Don't worry baby this will make you feel better." He says and starts to kiss me. I try to push him away but he grabs my wrist and his other hand is everywhere.

"Get off of her now!" Someone shouts from behind; Will. Before I know it Zach is ripped off me and on the ground.

Completed on 07/27/17

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