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The Universal Monster(gogetaxbnha) - Zukodeservedbetter

"My darkest fears and insecurities. They always presented themselves in different ways so I wasn't really sure what I was afraid of but I knew for certain that one was disappointing my father to the point he didn't love me anymore, just like- no. Not right now."

Gogeta grew up in a place of quirks and heroes. But when an event changed his perspective what will he do? Watch him as he goes to U.A. where he fights something else besides villains, his fears.

Disclaimer I don't own Dragon Ball, or Bnha. Those belong to their respective authors.
Alright let's get started! Also sorry if I'm a terrible author. Hope you enjoy the story!

Strong themes
[?][?]Mentions of abuse[?][?]
Also strong language! Because you know... Bakugo

The title will make sense later~

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