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The Uneventful Life Of Harvey Mackler - ♕ Carmen ♕

Harvey's life is an uneventful as it gets.

A great day for her consists of binge watching obscure shows, multiple series at a time, gushing over book characters and managing to avoid all four of her brother's all day long.

The last one especially.

Harvey doesn't need any more boys in her life.


(Someone should tell that to Finn Ramsey)



⇒ When a new family move into the house next door, Harvey finds her hopes of having a completely drama-free, peaceful summer completely wrecked.

With four rowdy brothers and two absentee parents, Harvey has perfectly constructed a lifestyle to stop herself from going totally insane over the next few months while her parents go gallivanting around the globe.

In comes Finn Ramsey with his British accent, happy-go-lucky attitude and a surfboard shaped sledgehammer, ready to smash Harvey's plans of an uneventful summer to smithereens.

Completed: 22/09/20

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