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The Sweetest Victory - Intertwined Series - ♕ Khaleesi ♕

*** This was my first contemporary romance novel I wrote back in 2013. ***

Victory Clarke, a hopeful rising star in Toronto's culinary scene, is no stranger to hard times, but with the launch of her first restaurant on the horizon, her future's finally looking bright.

After a chance meeting with the chief architect she's only interacted with through emails, succumbing to the temptation of Gage-no matter how undeniable their chemistry-could be disastrous. Victory's priorities extend only to focus on her best friend's upcoming wedding, ensuring Soleil is a formidable success, and not much else.

Though she isn't adverse the notion of being lovers, simple attraction gives way to explosive passion, still wounded from a brutal relationship that ended in bitter betrayal, Victory's heart bears too many scars for her to let go and move on.

Ryder "Gage" Donovan, born into a prestigious Hollywood family, chose architecture over acting. Handsome and passionate, he's determined to wear the sultry Victory down.

When their sizzling fling veers unexpectedly towards something deeper, Gage gets an offer from a billionaire in Abu Dhabi with an opportunity of a lifetime. A dream come true that would require him to relocate for the better part of one, if not two years.

Realizing that the pursuit of his dreams could mean the end of his relationship before it's even started, as Victory's past unexpectedly returns, threatening to destroy everything she's achieved, Gage intends to fight for the woman he loves.

No matter the cost.

Can Victory find the courage to do the same?

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