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The Survivors - Lola Green

In the last few centuries, humans have pushed themselves almost to the brink of extinction with wars, famine, disease. But we have managed to survivor and persevere despite everything that has happened.

The year 2147 was a year of hope for us, with the arrival of the Golik, an alien race, who were kind and wanted nothing more than to help us. Alongside the Golik, we had five years of peace and prosperity with them, both races gaining knowledge from the other and building to create a wonderful relationship with the other.

Five years of peace and prosperity, then the peace ran out and the invasion began.

[RANKED 1ST IN SPACE - 13th Nov 2019]
[RANKED 4TH IN SURVIVING - 20th Aug 2018]
[RANKED 44TH IN ALIEN - 25th Dec 2020]

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