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The Queen Of Ardenium. - 🔆✨

siren ;
a woman who is considered to be alluring or fascinating but also dangerous in some way.

"ivy... sing for me." He whispered while her innocent brown eyes looked into his evil green ones. "No." She said while trying to move from his grip to only have her hair be pulled.

"Stop!" She whimpered not showing her weak side as she looked straight into his now bright red eyes. "You forget that we are mates. Mates don't disobey each other." His wolf growls into her ear while she felt chills run up and down her spine.

"But I don't want to be your mate!" She retaliated pushing his broad chest but he didn't move what's so ever. His arms wrapped tighter around her pity waist. His head lowering down to her neck while he began kissing it softly.

that's when she felt pain rush into her skin. His sharp canines poke into her skin a scream erupting from her lips. She tried to push him off but she just felt her blood leaving her body as if he was making sure she had no more blood left for her body to function.

"Don't forget this Ivy you are mine no matter what."


Ivy rose , a girl who loves to sing.
Ivy rose , a girl who is being stalked.
Ivy rose , a girl who has a king as her mate.

I will do anything for you Ivy.. you are always mine .

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