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The Pirate's A Bad Boy - Hope Winters

❝Face it, you love me! I'm irresistible and deliriously sexy.❞

❝I wouldn't get so confident Captain,❞ Alaina says, the dagger twirling in her hands behind her back, his hands on her hips. She wanted to pull away, but the way his heart was beating against her was undeniably comfortable.

And now... now she had to keep up her end of the bargain...

Captain Hunter is a bad boy. A pirate who likes killing for the heck of things, a boy who likes girls with tight dresses and a boy who also loves the reckless sea. But what happens when a girl beyond compare boards his ship? She's a ingenious, beautiful lady who's only set on one thing - to kill him. But the Captain doesn't suspect a thing.

So what will be do when he finds out that he's just been played and completely lied to?

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cover © - All Rights Reserved (made by me)

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