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The Guardian With Fur ( Rise Of The Guardians 2) - Sad Gamer

Jade Leopard is an immortal spirit only seen by few. whe she becomes a guardian she feels something she never felt before.

as the spirit of animals she is an animal lover, will everyone except it.

when a dark enemy arises once again, who will stop him?

will the guardian with a tail...

fall in love?

will she thaw a long frozen heart

a story about an animal loving spirit who has adventures with: Jack Frost, the winter spirit. Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy
Aster Bunnymund, the Easter Bunny
Sanderson Mansnoozie, the Sandman
Nicolas st. North, Santa Claus
tag along in the adventures of the guardians of Fun, Mermories, Hope, Dreams and Wonder

this is the story of Jade Snow Leopard
the guardian with fur

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