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The Guard To My Sanctuary - Micah

Elm has known abuse for most his life. Threads of the past were the only thing that kept him going as he endured the pain inflicted. After escaping into the arms of a man with trauma of his own. Elm is forced to build a life for himself and his growing family. After years of living in fear, he must learn to trust a stranger and in himself to build back peace into his life. This won't be easy for him as those who inflicted the pain are around the corner ready to pounce.

Marco is a warrior who sees a man who he wants to know but fears he might destroy. The trauma that he sees in Elm is much more than he knows how to heal, but he is willing to try. He has to protect Elm because he had made it his responsibility to protect the stranger who quickly becomes family. Something he thought that he would never have after losing his first one.

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