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The Flaws In Everything - Lara Ash

'He looked upon the mortal plane to steal one more glimpse of the strange girl who berated a god. That's when he decided to see how far he could push the little mortal, right up to her breaking point.'

For most of her life, Lyre walked on the precipice of comprehending mortal morals, always being 10 steps behind the strict expectations of her wolven coven, but 10 steps ahead of them in every other way. Unbeknownst to most, the knowledge of her impending death had steered her life irredeemably far from the much coveted, perfect daughter that her sisters fulfilled. But despite everything, misunderstood is vastly different from being beyond saving, especially when ancient prophecies (and even more ancient immortals) are involved.

Fiesty and drunk out of her mind one night, the 17 year old outcast never thought that insulting a statue would cause her to be at the mercy of a god. On the eve of her 18th birthday she discovers that all of the stories are true, but more importantly that she is indebted to of one of the most powerful immortals alive. Follow her journey through her quest for freedom as friendships are formed, cities are destroyed and an unlikely romance germinates from the very thing that condemned Lyre's fate in the first place.

If you love fantasy adventure novels with twists and turns along the way, prophecies and vipers at the darkest of courts, and with the thrumming heart of an epic romance, then I think this book will suit you!

Genre - Fantasy
Sub Genres - Romance, Adventure, Dark Fantasy
Status - Ongoing
Estimate Pages So Far - 175 to 200 pages

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