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Many believed he was a gift to mankind. No one could defeat him. No one could challenge him, and those who did crumble at his feet. He has defeated many nations that dared to take his. He had the strength of Zeus, the heart of Aphrodite, and the wrath of Ares. He was unlike anything that a man has seen. Like he was one of the gods. Many believed he was, he was Achilleus. The son of a mortal Greek hero, Peleus and the goddess of water, Thetis. The great warrior who's favored by the gods in times of wars to bring them glory.

He was destined to become the greatest of all times and many will remember him for that. Will his good fortune and path to destiny be put at a halt when he sets his eyes upon a woman of Ivorian descent in the land of his enemies drifts him of his ways? In which his desire to fight for her becomes greater than for his country.

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