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The Faerie Realm - Glea Aurora

Sydney Ardani disappears one summer night together with a water faerie she barely knew. When she has not returned, her parents searched the entire town for her but to no avail. Her sister, Devaine Ardani knew that she wanted to go to the faerie realm but being an eight-year-old blathering about faeries, no one believed her.

Devaine Ardani grew up in the rubbles of a broken home Sydney left her with. Her parents have never been the same since she went missing. And Dev tried to forget the things she knew- the memories that never seemed real in the first place. But just when she was about to do so, a faerie appears at her home. The water faerie Sydney left with ten years ago. She explains what happened and asks Devaine to come with her.

Now knowing the horrendous situation her sister got into, Devaine accepts the challenge and jumps into the other dimension with a faerie she never knew. With the horrific situation at hand, will Devaine succeed in rescuing her sister? The girl she certainly memorized ten year ago. Or is she even still the same one?

Find out in THE FAERIE REALM- a land where nothing is sure, and the world that forgets in a single night.

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