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The Diary Of A Queen Bee - Imjustcoollikethat

"I, Aspen Henderson, am the reigning Queen Bee of New Hopewell High, and I hereby declare that there will be no more cliques, no more popular crowds, no more nerds, geeks, or outcasts. From here on out, there will be no more high school supremacy."

17 year-old Aspen Henderson is a stunning teen who's on top of the social hierarchy at her high school. She is notorious for being bitchy due to all the petty bullying and borderline abuse she has inflicted. Coming from a long line of Queen Bees and Prom Queens, she had no choice but to follow in the previous generations' footsteps.

Degrading treatment, gas lighting, defamation, verbal abuse, and psychological manipulation are just some of her methods to staying on top. But when her personal values conflict her family's legacy and she takes the abuse too far, Aspen must come face to face with the truth. This is the rise and fall of Aspen Henderson, Queen Bee.

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