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The Bliss Of Solitude - ✰ Bitch. ✰

"Emptiness is a home with no bed,
A body with no head,
Mechanical pencil, no lead.

Emptiness is a heart, broken.
Words chose to be unspoken,
The sibling treated un-kin.

But your emptiness is freedom,
Your imagination's own kingdom,
No heartache, no feelings."

Charlie Kingsley has had bad experiences with love since she was a young child, which is exactly why she chose to save children from unhappy homes. With only what's left of her grandfather's memory to make up for her lost childhood and several sessions at a therapist, Charlie feels as though change is looking up.

Full pockets don't compete with an empty heart and Apollo can vouch for that. Losing a child in the past has only hardened his heart in the present and could possibly ruin his future.

Through secrets, lies, and the blurred lines between, love and the emptiness is brings is pushed to its limits and question lingers: "What is the bliss of solitude?"

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