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The Bad Boy Exposed Me - Sabrina ;)

Mackenzie James is just a normal, insecure, teenage girl in high school. She would rather watch Supernatural with a bag of pretzels than go partying... But is she really so simple?
Ethan Connors is known as the town bad boy who needs some help finding the balance between school and fun. People think he's all leather jackets and parties... But is he really so 'bad'?

Senior year has started and Kenzie soon finds out that her and the bad boy have all of their classes together, her best friend has a secret, Instagram is trending, lists can be fun, you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, and wearing a pink bra under a white shirt probably isn't the best decision ever made.

"I was reading this until 2am and I want more its amazing!" - @IElizabethWhite
"I love that you write about bullying online!" - @bjo1110
"*screenshots and sends to every guy in school*" - @MetaphoricalAngel
"Friends are those people that stick with you even when the days are dark" - @Renita7G
"Oh gosh I just died :')" - @thesimplestthings WARNING: BOOK MAY KILL
"Her mind is my mind" - @Enril_
"-internally raging as I throw a napkin over a totally not noticeable cleaver-" - @CrayonCreation
"Someone tell me why I'm blushing and cringing" - @AlyricLamb
"You are an amazing author" - @beltran_15

**this story involves issues including anorexia, cyberbullying and depression**

A/N: This is my first story (besides a few failed books on a different account I gave up on) so the beginning is slow (wow Sabrina, way to sell your book)

Cover by: @meowthecatsays thank you so much!!!

Brb going to stuff my face with Butterfingers and Milkyways

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