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The Alpha's Frozen Mate - Blythe Elizabeth

When living becomes a sin and death becomes life,

When anger is the sole seed that fuels life,

When escape is a distant hope that fate decides,

When tomorrow is lost as yesterday collapsed,

Will destiny be enough to let love bloom inside?

Kara Williams. The best surgeon of the country. A legend in the medical world. She's young and beautiful. Smart and successful. Many lives had been saved with her knowledge and skills.

Kara Williams. The most wanted rogue in the continent. A nightmare in the werewolf world. She's brutal and ruthless. Vicious and heartless. Thousands of lives had been claimed by her strength and skills.

In a night of irrevocable mistake, the best surgeon had failed, the most wanted rogue was captured. And just before the coming of death, destiny came letting her become the Alpha's frozen mate.

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