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Soldier Beneath Our Land 馃搶 - 馃尪锔廳eputy Sili馃尪锔

The love for your fellowmen is equal to the love for nation. Illyria Garret Levantino, a soldier from Mamasapano who lost her mother during the war when she was a child. Suddenly, his father decided to live in Manila in order for her daughter to enter the field of bravery; kampo de militar.

Being a soldier means taking a risk no matter what. She said that how hard could everything be, she'll fight for her goal is to bring back what has been stolen to their nation. Amidst her training are the struggles that will make her more tough and will drag her down to the land where we're stepping at. She is a soldier with full of bravery and wisdom despite of her foolery mouth but how can she face everything if her love ones are slowly lying beneath our land? How will she end the war in Mamasapano, Maguindanao where the Massacre will soon happen?


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