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Shrouded - Curlynerd

Thalia Alfonsi, has finally moved in with her father's sister in order to live a life full of promise, keen and good away from the shattered home she had been bought up in her last seventeen years. After moving in with her aunt, she is finally able to feel integrated into a hearty home, with her aunt's husband and five children, and finally has a place to feel like she belongs.

Starting a new school, Thalia is forced to deal with balancing her privacy and determination to keep things about her past self quiet, and make a new name for herself, something much better than what she used to be.

After a few weeks, she meets the infamous Jai Kawasaki, who like her was also new, with a new father in play.

But he was different. Coveted. Covered. Hidden.

Stowed with a sense of mystery that she couldn't quite grasp, and just like that she was pulled into the lure of his entire existence, his being and what dark secrets made him who he was.

He was shrouded.

And she was determined to strip that away from him.

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