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Shadow (broken Soul Series#1) - Karshiel

Broken soul series #1

Klyren Madrigal is a jolly girl she love her parents very much ,she have a two siblings that she love the most but everything change because of an accident happened in her life

A jolly girl turn into a hopeless, her family blame her for the death of her twin brother who done of her older sister but because she love her sister the most she accept all the blame of her family for the seek of her sister who once her hero

And after that She became the shadow of her sister for her parents she's not exist and after that accident she never cry again in front of the people even her family and friends

Not until Xander Mendez came into her life. She begun to show who she are. Even she cry Infront of him. And who believe in her, show her what beautiful the world is and show her that she's exist not the shadow of her sister

But what if he family find out about the true feelings for him and they do everything to make them separate

Why should she do?

Are she going to fight or she going to give up and just forever her sister shadow??

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