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Sex (short Stories) - Baby_doll_forever

hello my names Mackenzie and I'm 18 yes I'm 18 and is still a virgin. I know sad right but I wanted to wait until the perfect guy or at least a descent guy but they never came. I gave up hope after my 6 boyfriend when I was 17 I thant I was going to be a virgin forever. Today I really don't give a shit who takes my virginity. I know that sounds like I'm a slut but I'm sick and tired of waiting for the perfect guy. so my best friend is taking me to a party so hopefully. and the thing is, is my family is really religious so I'm not suppose s

to do this but I don't give a shit anymore.

Katie (best friend): Mackenzie are you ready yet with your slow ass self

Mackenzie: yeah coming

*skipping to the party*

as we walk in the party all I smell is beer. as I go to grab a beer.

I run in to this person and spill my drink all over me and them. as I look up I see really cute tan guy in front of me holding out his hand.

me: sorry clumsy me

guy: its fine im jake

me: hi jake im mackenz...

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