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Sajdah- A Love Story... #missiondesi ✔️ - Sarca.stee.cally


Hussain misses his life before fame and is craving for a peaceful holiday away from his hectic schedule. His dream comes true when Waqas and Shehry plan a secret trip for him.
This is where Preet enters the picture; a girl who is a true punjabi at heart and a complete mess.
Celebrities are nothing but a package full of lies for her and so are dhoombros.

she runs away and plans a road trip with her friends before her big day; her wedding.
But this trip doesn't turn out as planned for either of them because one can not plan 'love.' After all, it happens when least expected.
Who will Preet choose now? The one she loves or the one her grandpa chose for her?
Will her family accept a Pakistani-Muslim for her happiness or will religion play above all?
Bodies can be captured, but what about soul?

#546 romance

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