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Ruvik X Male Reader - Beyond Vergil

Ruben sat on his porch with his big sister, Laura, she had agreed to her little brother to wait for you. You were a distant cousin, 2 times removed. You would always visit the Victoriano family every chance you got, you were in your early 20s as Laura and Ruben was in their teens. But you happily played with them as if you were a child, Ruben sighed sadly. His eyes down casted to the ground, Laura placed her hand upon his shoulder. He looked to her,

"Maybe he couldn't make it. He does have important work to do." She said softly to Ruben, you were a doctor, helping others when needed. You even sometimes did experiments, but those were classified.

"Maybe he'll come next year," Laura added on,

"Come on lets get inside." Ruben nodded as he moved a loose blonde hair behind his ear, standing to his feet. Laura stood as well, they both headed towards the double doors that led into their home. Before Ruben could place his hand upon the handle, he had stopped when he heard a fimilar voice....

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