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Risen: Echoes Of War - Shawn Jackson

Written as a companion novel to Risen and Risen: Darklight, Echoes of War tells us what the echoes, psychic reverberations of violent deaths that appear as ghosts and led by the incomparable Hannibal Barca of ancient Carthage, are doing between the major engagements of the two books. Which is a combination of learning both how to fight in a modern war while NOT killing each other as old conflicts arise with the return of memory.

See how Hannibal begins to craft his determined volunteer ghosts into the formidable fighting force that plays a key role in not only the various raids the Risen engage in, but the assault on the siphon and the alpha tournament as well. He may only be an echo of his former self, but the former general is still one hell of a commander of soldiers! Join him and the echoes as they prepare to go to war against the Velkin.

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