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Reincarnated As An Overpowered Unknown - Nyan_chan_

Recently people have been Mysteriously disappearing. What's weird was that no traces can be found when that person disappears.

Toshiro belonged to a wealthy family, he had almost everything others wanted, loving parents, wealth, mansion,etc. He even studies in one of the top school of the country. But for some reason, Toshiro was not satisfied with his life. He didn't care about wealth or whatever, he just wanted to find what was missing in his life before he cared about other things. One day, toshiro was walking home, when a black cat suddenly appeared infront of him. After looking at it for awhile he noticed that it was showing signs of wanting him to follow it. He began following the cat. After a short moment light suddenly began shining beneath Toshiro, after a few moments he opened his eyes and found himself in a white Hall. This story follows Toshiro as he adventures in another world with a certain goal. But as he adventures he meets new friend and of course make new enemies.

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