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Recall (completed) - Xena Hurricane

#4 in horror (28.11.16)
(Earlier known as LEFT BEHIND)

"She's, she's in my room" I said gripping my dad's hand.

"Maureen, whom are you talking about?"

"Dad s-she"


"Leshia" my voice came out more like a whisper.

"What?" My dad was shocked.

That's when my phone started ringing. I picked it up and was shocked to see that the caller ID showed the name 'dad'.

I clicked the answer button.
"Hello, Maureen. We're sorry, I and your mom had to go for an urgent meeting. I hope that you'll take care of yourself"

I removed my cellphone from my ears and felt the hands which I was gripping were turning cold.

If dad is outside with mom then who is he? I thought to myself and tried to look at that person's face.

My breath hitched and I saw her......


Maureen Abel, A 16-year-old teenager, a simple, sweet and sometimes a total sarcastic person. She has a past, the past that will change her future. Everything changed around her when her best friend, Leshia Kinlaw died.

But she has returned, to make there friendship successful. To take Maureen with her..........
Will she be able to get away from her? Will Leshia take Maureen with her?
Will Maureen get someone to help her out?

Sometimes the past never stops following you....

Cover by: Me
I hope you'll enjoy reading this, this is a TRUE LIFE INCIDENT.

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