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"every Thing Happens For A Reason" (coming Soon) - ✩。:•. 𝓓𝓲𝓻𝓪 .•:。✩

It has never been easy for Faraal to get by - after her parents got separated. She has always been guilty about what happened, or wish that she had prevented arguments by doing better with the behavior, or getting better grades.

Since their family didn't work out, All her life Faraal dreamed of a perfect family, A perfect home. So when she feels a spark with an elegant and Dignified Hotelier, Junaid Siddique, everything in Faraal's life seems sensational. But when has destiny been so kind to us.

Junaid Siddique is a fierce and obnoxious man, who's never favored by destiny. Losing his father at a young age he was left devastated and flew to Australia, to continue with his studies. But sometimes, life throws up tough choices that often control your life.

What will happen when Faraal tumbles into a situation, she never imagined about ? What will she do when she realizes that she was living an impossible dream?

Will the crippled past of Junaid Siddique destroy their future or will life give them another chance?

Join me in a journey of Hope, Dreams, Love and Redemption.

A Love story of two Soulmates that will warm the cockles of your heart and forces you to believe that Everything happens for a reason.

Cover Credits @platinumhours

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