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Promise - Scottclemons


Born a bastard of Echo, a haven occupied by savage conquerors, the Vrai, sixteen-year-old Hain is haunted by both the coward living within him, and the guilt of having spilled innocent blood. Loathed by his kin for his dark hair and mismatched eyes, Hain finds his purpose ranging beyond the haven walls as a spy for the human resistance. But when Vrai collaborators within the haven work to reignite tensions with Echo's oldest enemy, Hain must escape not only to stop a war that could end humanity, but to save the girl he loves as well.

Hain charged headlong through the darkness of the Hoh Wood, and death followed.

He could feel it coming closer. Gaining. His imagination bulged with images of alabaster fingertips brushing the nape of his neck, and greedy hands clutching for his flesh.

He ran faster.

He could hear them gaining ground, the sound of pounding feet loud as vengeance. Loud as gods.

Faster, he thought and the word was pure feeling. Pure panic. Run faster.

The thought was a whip at his back. Underbrush broke beneath his boots as he plowed through inky midnight air, squinting against branches snatching at his eyes. The time for stealth was gone. Over. Shrugged off and cast aside in the wake of his failed ambush. His failed plan.

His failure.

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