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Planning Bliss (bliss Series Book 1) - Michellejoquinn


Selected by Cadbury Sweet Escapes
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A rom-com that will make you laugh, cry, scream, pull your hair out, and start singing (maybe even dancing)... and fall in love.

Veronica Soto-Stewart has had trouble saying no, especially to her ex-boyfriend, the gorgeous surgeon, Dr Jake Benjamin. And she has done it again when he asks her to plan his wedding to his new fiancée.

Mix in her tough as nails best friend, Chase, and the bachelor-forever, wickedly-handsome, best man, Levi--who both seem to have secret agendas of their own--Veronica is in for one heck of a wedding planning ride!

Can Veronica survive the roller coaster of challenges thrown at her with her heart intact?

Now Completed, with Bonus Chapters and Photos!!!
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