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Paris For One || A Zarry Stylik Story - Sana

Harry Styles, 24, is a man of many talents but travelling alone is certainly not one of them. Travelling alone to Paris for the first time without his boyfriend is by far the last thing on his bucket list yet he finds himself in the train station with luggage, nerves and smell of Parisian perfume, not knowing what the hell is going to happen.

Zayn Malik, 25, is a failure - an artist with no inspiration left, a waiter with little attitude and a man still caught up in old romance, left by his ex-girlfriend for simply being "too much".

And when Harry Styles shows up in Zayn Malik's cafe, tired, whiny and alone, neither of them think that fate would turn out the way it did.

[Loosely based on "Paris for One" by JOJO MOYES.]
[This book is purely fiction and not affiliated with reality of One-Direction or the boys.]
[I do not, under any circumstance, claim any profit from this book or any other fanfiction of mine.]

[ SanitaStan© 2020 ]

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