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Our Power - Bnha Fanfic || Todoroki Shouto X Oc - Wh1sp

Hana Aizawa, a girl with powers that's resemblance to her parents. She has both of her parent's quirk. One with erasing quirk, and another one with ice quirk. She never met her mother since she was very little. All she knew is that her quirk is ice, and she was the wife of Shouta Aizawa. She also learned that her mother was killed from an attacked with the number one hero, All-Might.

Shouta was in depression when he heard his wife is now dead, and he's left to take care of his child all alone. He didn't mind taking care of her, in fact he loves his daughter. Though, for a hero he didn't have time to take care the baby nor be a hero at the same time. So he decided to be an underground hero that works at night, and in daylight he spend some time with his beloved daughter.

As Hana grew up, she dreamt to be a hero like her father. Her dream is to become a hero like her parents, EraserHead and IcyGal. In her path to become a hero, she find herself in U.A, and meeting someone she didn't think she would fall in love.


Warning, cursing included. Cuz of certain someone who can't even know how to keep himself calm.

Started (18/12/2019) - Wednesday
Ended (???)
Status - ongoing


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