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Only Girl In The World - Mayyjunee

Set in 1928

Zarah and her family are on a voyage to Bermuda for her twenty-first birthday. She's the adventurous type, having gone on a variety of such trips with her aunt. However for the first time in her life, all the family is brought together for her next adventure. It's bitter irony that a massive storm hits their ship, tearing the family apart and sending Zarah on an adventure that would be all her own.

Zarah is positive that she's made it to Bermuda. But what's become of her family? What's to become of her after trusting a mysterious man although they don't share the same language? She's unsure herself after discovering that she's washed up onto an all male island.

* The image used for the cover is not mine. I own no rights to it and no copyright infringement was intended.
*Mature themes such as violence. No sexually explicit content.

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