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(on Hold???) I Am A Mob On One Of My Favourite Otome Game?! - •|the Forgotten|•

Original Story

Lorry Alabus was a normal highschool girl in the modern days. Though she was an orphan, she worked hard to help her friend's family.

She loved things like anime and otome games. But she didn't expect that the gods took her dreams seriously.

Waaaaaaaah! Where are we?! Why am I a child? And what's wrong with all of us?!

Friends: This world is so cool!!!

Noooooo! Why did I became a Duke's daughter?! And why did I became so OP?!

Her master: You are born with good fortune little girl!!!

Gah! Why am I attracting this world's capture targets?! Where are the heroines?! Where are the villainesses?! Why aren't they here?! This isn't the otome game's ways at all!!!

A certain capture target: What are you talking about? I can't wait here anymore, Let's get married!!!

This is the story about the reincarnated girl and her friends going ups and downs, messing the otome game up and making it more interesting!

Please heroines, don't super sayan at me! I'm just screwed up between you all!!!

Heroines: Then move quickly or well get your life if you ever get the attention of our sempais!!!

And it is also about the heroines being the bad ones...

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