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Oh, Daddy (manxman) - Angelina

Today marks the end of my life. Today is move-in day. . . to the California State prison. I didn't expect to be caught. I tried to be so careful every time I logged on, but they still caught me and sent me to prison for fraud. It's not the coolest thing to go to prison for. I knew I was going to be eaten up when I was there. Well, it's been a pleasure knowing you all.

Finn is sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of identity theft. Finn has never been on the muscular side, but he is not bony either. Although small, Finn proves to be a bundle of sass which does him more harm than good with his fellow inmates. But how bad can it be, his sass gave him the attention of one of the top dogs of the prison? That should be a good thing, right? WRONG! Finn hates Blake but Blake doesn't seem to care as he continues to pursue his new boy toy. After a rough-in with one of the security guards, Finn lands himself in block D, the block containing some of the more threatening prisoners and guess who his new cellmate is? Yeah, that's right, his favorite person of all: Blake. Just great.

#1 for jail
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#10 for gay
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TRIGGER WARNINGS: boy x boy content (don't read if you don't like), homophobia, mature content

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