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Not A Melodious Harmony - Kristine (on Hiatus)

** BOOK 2 of June Isabella Series of Music and Love**

Summer. Music. Love?
Is love possible to happen in a summer camp where there is music involve, a competition in present and, cute and handsome guys around?

June goes to a summer camp to fill her requirement for college. After she has prevented herself from telling Chad about her feelings, she is now thinking the best ways to fall out of love to him.

On her stay at the the camp, she hears a voice that captures her heart easily. She was ecstatic to know who the owner of the voice because she is - well the effect is so fast - falling in love with just the voice. But when she finds out who the owner was, she thinks that fate is just too cruel for her.

The questions are...
Will that voice help her fall out of love to Chad?
Or will she just fall out for sometime, then back to fall in again?

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