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Natural Selection - S.t Mackinnon

The werewolves are finally dwindling in numbers, no longer fighting amongst them selves, they are being hunted. A mass slaughter spread around the world, leaving betrayal, depression and the loss of a mate. Hunters have taken a new approach, killing the females, stopping the reproduction of more mutts.

With the alpha King on his death bed, and no off spring to take the lead, the werewolf society braces for extinction, seeing as no human can breed with a werewolf. But away from the city and the idea of pack life and werewolf rules, there lives a family and today they just gave birth to the newest hope, an unmated female.

What trouble will Victoria Lynn find her self in when the rest of her breed comes looking for her and sending her off to the highest ranking male to bring hope to end the war they are facing?


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