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Mystical Elements, Guardians Of Nature - Epiclight

Kazamiko's POV

I fiercely dashed through the chaotic winds as a whole gust slammed into me, forced against my body. Persistently, I pushed against it, giggling as the winds brushed against my long messy hair making it flow around as if gravity never existed. I felt, free. As if the wind could lift me up and led me to my wildest dreams, as if I could actually fly. If only dreams could come true like that. All I've ever wished is for something different to happen, something exciting and magical.

I continued running until I began to get an extremely painful cramp. I wasn't a very fast runner, nor did I have the ability to run for that long, but I loved the feeling of racing against the wind. It made me feel like an epic warrior or legendary hero. As if I was more than an ordinary human.

Suddenly, I remembered what I can out here for.

"My history book!" I impulsively whisper-cried out loud, hoping no one heard.

I hesitantly approached the high school. Hopefully it was open, I knew it ...

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