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My Wattpad Stalker - Alex Gedgaudas

Everyone enjoys an escape from reality every now and then.
For seventeen-year-old Belle Black, that escape has always been reading and writing.
Upon encouragement from her English teacher, Belle joins a unique internet site that allows its users unlimited access to not only reading books but writing their own stories as well.
After she gains massive popularity on the site earning her a couple thousand followers, one particular user seems to have taken a keen interest in Belle herself.
Holding no fear over the mystery stranger, she doesn't give him or her a second thought when it comes to real life.

Only....The notes and the harassment doesn't stop at messages over Wattpad...
It progresses to mysterious phone calls, strange gifts, and this formerly only online stalker no longer seems to be just some stranger solely from the internet.

It's someone who'll stop at nothing to grasp Belle's full attention.
No matter who gets in the way.
Cover made by the amazing @Dancelikemagicmike
Highest ranks #5 in Horror!
#17 in Mystery/Thriller!

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